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Latest enail controller on Puffing Bird!

Enail controller is designed to allow you to digitally customize your temperature! Simply snap in the XLR quick-disconnect heater coil and turn on the power switch and the unit will heat up to your pre-programmed temperature. Setting the temperature is easy, just use the up and down arrows only to achieve your desired temperature. 


  • Input voltage110/220V
  • Output capacity: 100W/150W
  • Built-in Thermocouple and Fireproof Kevlar Sheath
  • 2 x Built-in USB Ports to charge 
  • Dual-Fuse Inside for Device Protection and Safety Guaranty
  • Support temperature: 0°C-710°C / 0°F-1300°F
  • Heating box size: 150*120*45mm


  • 1* Honeycomb E-nail box with digital PID temperature controller
  • 1* 150mm long heater coil with Kevlar sheath (10mm/16mm/20mm diameter coil)
  • 1* 180mm long power cord
  • 1* Cardboard gift box
  • 1* User manual

Use Instructions:

  1. Plug-in power cord and coil cord into the unit .
  2. Once the unit has been plugged into a power socket, press the power button (silver round button ) to power the unit on . Only power on the unit when the coil is attached to the provided nail securely.
  3. Unite is set to automatically reach the desired “low temp ” temperate of 710 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Press & Hold the up-down & side arrows to select your own desired temperature (100-999 Fahrenheit )
  5. Power off the unit when not in use.

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