2.7″ Deep Bottom Slitted Quartz Banger


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Built with 100% quartz, this deep bottom banger features a 14 mm Male joint or a 14 mm Female joint. It features a 2.7-inch deep bottom. That means you can put more in. 

The flat-top banger will ensure that carb caps can rest easier on the lid. And it features a slit and a hole on the banger which helps improve airflow.

The 4mm thickness banger holds heat for much longer.

And this cornerless bottom eliminates build-ups, meaning easier cleaning and a longer lifespan when compared with traditional quartz bangers. 

  • 2.78″/70.5mm High
  • 4mm Thick banger
  • 100% Pure Quartz Material
  • Flat top banger
  • Slitted design
  • Weight: 24.3g
  • 14mm Male/Female Joints Available
  • Category: Enail Bangers



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