25mm Quartz Dish For Hybrid Dab Nails

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If you're using a hybrid titanium dab nail for dabs, no matter if you're using an enail or a butane torch to heat it, you would probably want to have a backup quartz dish in case it breaks, it happens a lot that's why we're selling these quartz_dishes separately._

This 25mm OD quartz dish is made from 100% pure quartz to ensure safety and durability, it fits more than 80% of the hybrid titanium nails on the market, but it's better to check with your seller to ensure if 25mm is the right OD for your nail._

This item is covered by our reship policy if your item is broken on arrival all we need is a pic then we'll ship you a new one for free._

Please note that this is a replacement for all hybrid titanium dab nails that would fit a 25mm quartz dish, the titanium parts of the dab nail are not included in this item!

Features Of This Quartz Dish

  • Made from 100% pure quartz.

  • Fits more than 80% of the hybrid titanium nails on the market.

  • Great backup piece for enail dab kits with a hybrid titanium nail.

  • Free shipping worldwide.


We value your trust in our products, the Puffing Bird_Quartz nails/bangers/dab tools/Carb Caps are made of 100% 3rd party verified pure quartz._