25mm Quartz Dish For Hybrid Dab Nails

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If you’re using a hybrid titanium dab nail for dabs, no matter if you’re using an enail or a butane torch to heat it, you would probably want to have a backup quartz dish in case it breaks, it happens a lot that’s why we’re selling these quartz dishes separately. 

This 25mm OD quartz dish is made from 100% pure quartz to ensure safety and durability, it fits more than 80% of the hybrid titanium nails on the market, but it’s better to check with your seller to ensure if 25mm is the right OD for your nail. 

This item is covered by our reship policy if your item is broken on arrival all we need is a pic then we’ll ship you a new one for free

Please note that this is a replacement for all hybrid titanium dab nails that would fit a 25mm quartz dish, the titanium parts of the dab nail are not included in this item!

Features Of This Quartz Dish

  • Made from 100% pure quartz.

  • Fits more than 80% of the hybrid titanium nails on the market.

  • Great backup piece for enail dab kits with a hybrid titanium nail.

  • Free shipping worldwide.


We value your trust in our products, the Puffing Bird Quartz nails/bangers/dab tools/Carb Caps are made of 100% 3rd party verified pure quartz. 

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15 reviews for 25mm Quartz Dish For Hybrid Dab Nails

  1. Kent

    Broke my dab dish after dropping it on the ground cleaning it.
    Ordered 2 of these dab dishes and it came promptly through Canada Post. They ended up sending 5 dishes!!

    The quality of them is better than the one that came with my G9 Tick. It’s shorter and a bit wider so it’s easier to get concentrates into the dish and muuuuch easier to get cotton tips in to keep it clean. Highly recommend!

  2. Kelly E

    Shipping was great

  3. Isiah

    As advertised

  4. Maxwell

    Fits my hybrid nail perfectly, thanks

  5. Alissa S

    Works perfectly

  6. Desmond G

    fast delivery!

  7. Llewellyn J

    fantastic piece and recieved it in 10 days

  8. Warren H

    Bien re?u

  9. Stuart Y

    my daddy loved it

  10. Benny X

    I will buy more goods from you

  11. Jamey

    great deal considering it’s got free shipping

  12. Lynette W

    Great product

  13. Judson B

    Everything came as described.

  14. Annetta H

    perfect fit.

  15. Clyde R

    fixed my broken enail and it fits perfectly!

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